When life starts falling apart… start a DIY project, of course!

Let’s see… over the past few months I have had a large number of changes in my personal life – some great, some that I could have done without. But, hey… I live my life knowing God has the plan and I must only be faithful. So what better to do than redecorate when everything feels out of control? I find it comforting to have a project.

So first things first – my bathroom at my parents house has had a few changes recently including a new soothing green paint color and the cabinets went from boring white to a much more modern black. There are still several things that could bring this bathroom up to a much more modern level. On my “to tackle” list is… 1. The large contractor mirror 2. Those old light fixtures that do nothing at all for any space – who ever thought those were a good idea? 3. The bathroom hardware – door handles, faucets, towel bars, etc. and finally 4. The general decor and accessories.

All of this is a work in progress and I will include some progress pics as well as the final product. The total budget is approximately $400 – lighting and new faucets will use up a lot of that so it will take some creativity to do the other items and come in under budget. Stay tuned for tutorials and updates on the progress. For now I will leave you with a few “before” pics.


The 80’s light fixture – these remind me a bit of a broadway dressing room.


The plain contractor mirror


The current towel rings – not bad at all, but they don’t go with the look I’d like, so they will need a little update.


and last but not least, the gold hardware. Again, not a huge deal and not super noticeable but they don’t really go with the look that I would like to have.


One thought on “When life starts falling apart… start a DIY project, of course!

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