Mirror, mirror – I think i’m finally finished with you.

Well… I loved the change that adding the frame to my bathroom mirror added. However I just felt like it could be spruced a bit. Here was what it first looked like.

I totally love that it made the bathroom look updated and much more finished but this is such a large mirror and I just couldn’t resist the urge to add decorative touches and get at it with some antique gold rub n’ buff – more on the miracle of rub n’ buff later but I am not joking I had never used this stuff before I went at this mirror and now I want to use it on every project ever. Back to the project at hand.

I thought some thin pieces of decorative wood and then a medallion at the top would really add to the whole look. Off to Lowe’s I went. One gentleman asked me how my projects were going and wanted to see pictures (read: I spend waay too much time in Lowe’s). So I found this moulding that was about 3/4 of an inch wide and I think it is the perfect subtle accent. Each piece was $6.98 and I only needed two pieces.

There is a small rope pattern and since it was flush on the sides I knew it would fit right against the frame that is already completed. Plus if there are any gaps, then I can add some caulk and some paint and no one will ever know.

I also thought it would be nice to add a decorative piece to the middle of the top of the mirror, my lighting is rather high and I think the medallion in the center just draws the eye up. I got this in the same section as the rope moulding. It is just a medallion that they often use for the center of the moulding on the fire-place or something along those lines.

8′ Raw Whitewood Rope Moulding – $6.98

I got the EverTrue 3-1/2″ Raw Whitewood Ornament for $6.92.I already had the paint, adhesive, rub n’ buff and caulk at home so I didn’t need to buy any extra but I also used those items for this project. 

So I cut my moulding pieces and painted them with the satin black paint like before. I also painted the medallion black. Once they were dry, I took a little antique gold rub n’ buff on a soft cloth and lightly rubbed over the rope moulding as well as the medallion to give it a more traditional but rustic feel. We will definitely have a whole blog tutorial on rub n’ buff – this stuff makes my heart sing. For real.

So here is the FINISHED product. I do not plan on doing anymore additions to the mirror and just love the way it turned out. My neighbors have come by and all asked when I can do their house. My dream is to make design my business one day. Baby steps, right!?

Here is a close up of the moulding the rub n’ buff really gives it some dimension.

And here is the big picture:

I love how it turned out. More pics from the decor updates and such to come. Total for these additions to the mirror it cost $22.60. So in all I have spent $154.24 on the bathroom update project. I have $245.76 left for decor and new faucets. I feel like it is all coming along nicely!    More mini updates to be posted soon. Hope you have a great week!


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