Why Didn’t I Think Of That Wednesday: Packing & Moving

This week I am starting a new weekly “why didn’t I think of that Wednesday” post. To be known from here forward as WDITOT Wednesday I always see so many ideas that other people have come up with and think to myself, “my gosh, that would make my life so much easier.” I figured, if I’m gonna make my life easier, hopefully these ideas can help you too. So make sure to check back every Wednesday for the new “why didn’t I think of that” tip of the week. On to the good stuff…

So, with all of these life changes I’ve been going through – I may or may not have mentioned before that I have two storage units that I am currently occupying that are 2.5 hours away from where I am currently living. When I moved all of my items into storage, I did so in a very short period of time (3 days to move, pack, store and clean a whole apartment) and I had no idea how long I would need to store the items for. So now, not only do I need to have my storage units moved up to where I am living, I need to consolidate them so I am only paying rent for one unit a month. Long story on why I have two I will spare you the details. Since things were moved so quickly and not prepared for a “long term” storage visit, I need to re-organize, re-pack and declutter all of the stuff that is crammed in there before it gets back on a moving truck.

To be completely honest, I have been totally dreading and somewhat avoiding this process. As I mentioned before, I recently went through a break up after 3ish years in a great relationship. We are still great friends and there is nothing more to say than the timing just wasn’t right for so many reasons. However, I am really not at all looking forward to this since I know there will be the inevitable separation of items in storage and all of that. Luckily, the hard part for me is just sorting through. I am really glad that this was a “peaceful” situation so I’m not like “should I trash it?” or “should I return it?” I’m not the “throw all his crap on the lawn” kinda girl but you know, it still really pulls at your heart sorting through it all.

On to the WDITOT tips for the week to make your next packing and moving adventure awesome!

I am most worried about my breakable items including dishes that I have collected over the last few that I really like. I have never felt like the paper really offers much cushioning from them possibly clanking together and causing the dish to chip. Then I came across this genius idea from The Frugal Girls of using those styrofoam paper plates in between each of the dishes as you pack.

My first “why didn’t I think of that” moment while planning items I am going to need for reorganizing and the move. Some folks also left some awesome comments on their post including using socks on delicate glassware. Definitely check them out, I did a little poking around and absolutely love the ideas these ladies have. WDITOT!

I also came across a great list from Sherbert Blossom one of my favorite ideas on the list is to tape a certain color of paper on the box for each room and then write the contents on that paper. That way you can easily identify which room it goes into and then you can see all of the contents listed on the box. Duh! Love it!

Hope these tips will help you keep your sanity during your next move. I will keep you posted once I finally figure out the moving schedule. Also, I have been on a organizing and tossing rampage as you know and I have some awesome “after” pics of all the work i’ve been doing to share with you here in the next couple of days. Hope you are having a great week!


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