DIY: Recovering An Outdated Cornice Box

You have seen some of the pics over the last couple of weeks of all the cleaning out that I have been doing. It feels so good to donate things and get items out of the house and to have everything de-cluttered. I’m not quite ready for the final reveal of the spare bedroom yet, but I will show you a sneak peek of what I have been up to in there.

Before I loaded up all the items to donate, you’ll remember that the room looked like this:

CHAOS. Old, dusty, stinky chaos. I borrowed an SUV to haul all my stuff to donate – there is no way my sweet little Volvo sedan would have been able to cram all of that in. Here is a picture from the front seat (you can’t see much but big garbage bags, but you get the point, the car was PACKED).

So I dropped off all of that jazz at goodwill, the women’s shelter and a few other places along the way (remember to check out what local shelters and programs need to see if you have any items that might be of use to them). I returned to a room that looked like this:








This room pretty much serves as a dumping ground and the door stays shut. I have some big plans for this room. First: that really awesome 90’s cornice box. Navy with a sunshine yellow braid across the middle. AWWWESOME. Also, you probably cannot see it very well but the curtains under that awesome cornice box? YUP they are multi-colored flowers. My parents have had no use for this room but now that I am back for a bit, this will be a great craft/sewing/spare bedroom space and my plan is to make it just that.

My overall plan is a somewhat beachy/vintage/nautical type feel since that is the general feel of the rest of the house. I went to Hobby Lobby and got 2.5 yards of this ticking stripe fabric (one of my favorite fabrics)

I think this will be a nice subtle fabric for the cornice box. I took the measurements of the box and added about 2 inches to each side before making my cuts so I would have plenty of room to staple. Then I got out my staple gun and went to town.

This is a super simple project and a totally easy update. I just ironed the fabric before I started working on it to get the creases out and then laid the fabric out on the floor and put the cornice box on top of that. I pulled the fabric tight and stapled all around the edges. The hardest part was trying to keep the lines somewhat lined up. I love how mine turned out but I would definitely recommend using a fabric without lines to make it a bit easier on yourself.

That’s what it looked like when I was done. Whole thing took me about 30 minutes (mostly due to lining everything up). I added some simple curtains I got from ikea for $19.99 for the set. This is a mini sneak peek of the spare bedroom update.


I know it isn’t much but I can’t wait until it is finished so I can show you the whole thing. I am planning on putting something in the middle of the cornice box to add a little more detail to it. I love the new look, though.

The whole project cost me $35.11 – $19.99 for the pair of curtains and $13.48 for the fabric. If you don’t already have a staple gun, you can buy one for less than $20 at Lowe’s.

Hope you are having a fantastic Monday and have a great rest of the week! Don’t forget to check in Wednesday for another “Why didn’t I think of that” tip.





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