WDITOT Wednesday: Avoiding a Suitcase Travel Explosion

Yup, two days in a row! I promise, I’m back on my blogging roll and won’t leave you hanging in between. Don’t forget to follow my blog and leave some comments – I LOVE comments, questions, random posts, etc.

On to Why Didn’t I think of that Wednesday (WDITOT Wednesday as we fondly call it around here).

I find that after several bad experiences with hair conditioner/body lotion/shaving cream etc. exploding in my suitcase, I am SUPER paranoid and like bag all of my toiletries when I am traveling now. This tip from a study abroad website is GENIUS! Place plastic wrap over the top of your bottle caps and then screw the lid shut. DUH!

They also have several other great packing tips on the website. Check it out. Now… I just need to plan a trip so I can use this awesome idea.

I have more projects and updates coming soon. Also, I added some new boards to the inspiration board section, check ’em out! Need some ideas for an upcoming project? I’d love to help, just shoot me an email at BellaMandarinBlog @ gmail.com or leave a comment.

Happy Hump Day! XOXO


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