Football & Fall – Just Fake It ’til It Makes It

Oh, the beginning of college football season. I LOVE college football. It just makes me so happy to live in Texas. Now of course, I am a HUGE Baylor Bear so while I enjoy watching college football in general, the only team colors you will find me in are gold and green.

Yes, I am from Austin, no, I do not root for UT. Nothing personal, I just didn’t go there and don’t feel any reason to root for them. I am a Baylor Bear through and through. My favorite thing when RGIII won the Heisman last year was a part of his speech where he said, “We are Baylor. Baylor we are. And Baylor we will always be.” I totally agree with that. I mean maybe it sounds like total cheese but being a Bear to me is just part of me, like being a Republican or a clean freak.

I’m sure you think I’m totally nut-so now but that’s okay, I’m ready to reveal an awesome project I finished up in time to watch Baylor play SMU tonight. I’ve seen the burlap door hangers floating around and I made a Baylor wreath last year so I opted for something a bit different.

The only thing that I wish I could add is fall weather. Fall and Football are a great couple and I wish we could experience more ‘FALL’ football here in Texas. Until the temperatures crank down a bit, i’m just gonna pretend and fake it ’til fall makes it here. That’s always the best plan, right?

You might have seen this sneak peek on facebook last night:

I stayed up waaaay too late after drinks with some friends to finish this (apparently I can still paint straight after margaritas, go, me!!) So that was the front side. Today I attached the back and finished this baby up. I am TOTALLY pumped to get this out on the front door. Sic ’em Bears! I will leave you with some pictures so I can get back to watching my Bears win! Hope you are having a great long weekend!



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