Those Changes I was talking about…

You may remember this post just a couple of weeks ago or so discussing the course I want my blog to take. As you have seen, I am still sharing some awesome DIY’s and other projects but the 2nd part of this blog is a call to changing myself and letting you, my readers, be the reason to stay accountable. I want to be healthy – in every aspect of the word. Mind, body and spirit. I definitely have some work to do on all three things. While the spiritual aspect may take me some places more personal than I want to share, I assure you I am going to do my best to share all of these struggles here. Don’t expect it to be a flowery “I just woke up this morning and started jogging and it turned into 5 miles and I never want to eat bad food again and praise God.” Nothing happens that easily. Ever.

So expect it to be a very real venture into my need to get back to exercising and need to lose approximately 80lbs to be at my desired goal of being fit and healthy. This will be more fit than I have ever been in my life but I think it is important to get off my butt and do it now so I can live a long healthy life. Right now i’m in my 20s and taking my health for granted.

So my major things to tackle:

– Lose weight and exercise (GREAT for stress relief – I deal with anxiety and I need to realize that working out and getting those extra endorphins will make me feel so much better and is SO much cheaper than therapy)

– Eat better and more balanced meals

– do an overall check of my body and try to get rid of the minor illnesses that often plague me – adult acne (has to be a result of a poor diet, stress, etc.) – allergies – I take a daily medicine but feel that if I am also more active these won’t keep me down quite so much.

And true to form – I am starting all of this on a Thursday (why wait until Monday a great friend told me) and I totally agree – i’m gonna get a 5 day jump on changing the rest of my life for the better so by Monday, i’ll already nearly be a week into making new habits.

So, I hope that you will follow along with this journey, from small steps in the beginning to the bigger things to come. I know God has set us all apart to do great things in his name and tomorrow, I’m going to start taking care of the blessing that God has given me of health and abilities that I am wasting.

Notes of encouragement, questions, kicks in the rear and motivation are all welcomed. You guys are the reason that I feel like I can do this. I have readers who are going to look at this and remember that I said on September 6, 2012 I made a promise and because of you all, I will stick to it because I know that if I can work hard to turn everything around and get healthy, anyone can.



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