Chick Book Review: Queen of Babble Series

Time for another literary review. lol. I read the whole Queen of Babble series (3 books) by Meg Cabot in less than a week. I just get so into a book and I can’t stop reading it, I have to know what happens. But then when they are all over, I get a total feeling of loss about the characters.

So since they are a series, I’m going to kind of give the overall review for the books in one. The titles (in order) are Queen of Babble, Queen of Babble in the Big City and Queen of Babble Gets Hitched.



So since this is a series, you will read straight through them in like .2 seconds. The main character, Lizzie is just out of college (sort of) and she makes all kinds of seemingly rather silly decisions which I must admit I’m only in my later 20’s and I can totally relate to still thinking about making some of those mistakes. For the most part it is the same old story – girl has a disastrous visit and breakup with this boyfriend that she thought was so wonderful – she goes to Europe to see him and things are anything but wonderful. When he asks her to lie to the government she freaks out and hops a train out of there to fo find her friends who are in france for the summer and ends up meeting this super handsome awesome guy on a train. He of course ends up being the owner of the summer house her friends are staying at over the summer. Totally the normal cheese meeting and interactions in the first book and part of the second but good easy reads.

Its really the middle of the second book and all of the third book that I feel totally differently about Lizzie. She finally explores the idea of being in love with the idea of someone who seems so picture perfect vs. actually being in love with them. I think this is a HUGE problem for me personally and a lot of other young girls I know. We are supposed to fall in love and get married. But sometimes, I think we start to fall in love with the idea and forget that we have a lot of non-negotiables that we have let slide somewhere along the way for the sake of the idea of love. Lizzie has found something she loves and really learns to stand up for herself and comes into her own throughout the series. I relate to a lot of the qualities that she has in various ways and I just think she is such a real character and totally hilarious. Definitely some great chick reading here!

Rating: 10 – best for those who want a small series to read and love the slightly neurotic characters who are themselves without apology all mixed in with a bit of a happy ending. It is a chick book after all. lol.

I’ve gotten a couple of suggestions and comments since the last book review I posted. Keep posting suggestions. I’m adding them all to my “to read” list and always love finding new things!



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