Bear… the dog… sheepdog… in a sheep costume.

So while I was decorating for halloween last weekend (pics and post to come very soon) I was going through the box of halloween stuff we have from previous years and I found a dog costume in there. My dog does NOT do clothes of any type. His clothes are his collar and heaven help the person that tries to take that off of him. Other than that collar he HATES things being over him. But, of course, when I found said costume, I HAD to at least put the hat part on him. I knew the hat and the body part would be pushing it.

So my dog, that is named Bear (remember reading about him here?) who is a sheepdog to be precise was forced to wear the hat part of the lamb costume while I got some pics. Am I the only one that finds ironic things like that hilarious? Like a pig named Moo? I LOVE when other animals have other animals names (are you even still following this)?

Sadly, the lamb has a blue ribbon tag on his right ear but Bear was only slightly willing to take a picture so having him move… out. of. the. question. Bummer because he is totally a blue ribbon dog/sheep/bear in my book. If the below photo doesn’t just make you smile or laugh a little bit, you may not have a soul. Just joking. But just thought it would bring a little smile to your morning.


Happy Thursday! XOXO


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