Soliciting – the new DIY project to make these dinnertime annoyances a thing of the past.

Soliciting is one thing that I really cannot stand. Inevitably I am in the middle of making dinner where there isn’t really a stopping point, they ring the doorbell, rather than knocking which now means I have to corral animals and deal with their crazy barking and excitement and try to squeeze in front of them to find out what the intrusion is.

Then I can’t concentrate on what they are saying because my dog is scratching me and head-butting me so they can meet whoever this intruder is.While dinner is burning I kindly tell the person “I understand that having to go door-to-door is a tough job and I too have done it once, but I am being courteous and I would appreciate if they would also be courteous and pay attention to the not ONE but TWO No Soliciting signs, one on the front door the other directly over the doorbell.” I then tell them “if we needed a product or service, we would research whichever item would best meet our needs and would never sign up for something in a door-to-door arrangement. We at the BellaMandarin house believe in educated decisions.

After my spiel then the next guarantee is that they will say “I’m not soliciting, I’m just…” and there is always an excuse that is actually always still by definition soliciting. i.e. “I’m just hoping to complete this survey regarding X with you.”

Or my personal favorite said by a high school football player that looked like crap coming to my door, the only official thing about him was the crumpled folder he was carrying around and he said “I’m not a vacuum cleaner salesman or anything I’m just asking for money for (I can’t even remember what I was so shocked) so it’s not soliciting.” He was a senior. Scares me that naivety will be making its way into the real world shortly .

With this several things have become apparent to me. 1. We need to remind our kids if they are going out to sell something for school that they should look presentable. Throw on a school T-shirt, brush your hair, just look like you care. and the second and much more importantly people need some serious education regarding the definition of soliciting.


  1. Ask for or try to obtain (something) from someone.

  2. Ask (someone) for something

I’m not saying if you’re not invited, don’t touch that door. If you live in my neighborhood and want to stop by, need some sugar, whatever. That might be solicitation by definition but it’s what neighbors do. I will help anyone in need of assistance that knocks on the door. I’m not cold-hearted. But the kids I know are selling all the same crap, I will only be buying from the kids I know. I think its great to see them meet their goals even if I don’t really want the product. If you’re here to drop off a big check, knock and ring the bell as much as you’d like. Oh and girl scout cookies? C’mon by, Lemonades and Thin Mints are my weakness.

So with all of that ranted… I am making a new much more noticeable and funny no soliciting sign. If people don’t read this one and still ring the doorbell with a silly excuse, we may have to invest in a dunce hat. Since the other ones are being ignored even though they are extremely obvious, I have a whole new plan.


I’ve seen these floating around Pinterest and I will have different sayings but you get the idea of what I’m after. I found this great old wood sign at Hobby Lobby for $15 which I will recover with modpodge and scrapbook paper and then I get to use my new silhouette to cut some vinyl for the wording!! Hoping to get busy on this tomorrow so I can have a tutorial up since I’m long overdue for for one!

I pray that you are having a blessed weekend.


sign off


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