Welcome Bear to Bella Mandarin – The Cutest Dog Ever!

Ok, so I realized recently that my blog has totally been lacking something and I cannot believe that I have kept you from all the cuteness and amazingness that is my sweet Old English Sheepdog puppy (not so much a puppy, he’s 5, but I still think he’s a puppy).

I would like to introduce you to Bear.

I named him Bear because 1. I went to Baylor and love my Baylor Bears and 2. I love having a dog named after another animal or the sound that an animal makes i.e. the pig named Moo from Uptown Girls.

Here are a bunch of pics of my sweet nugget over the last 5 years. I love this dog so much and he has a hilarious personality. I can’t believe I haven’t talked about him until now but don’t you worry, he will make a regular appearance on Bella Mandarin.

This is the first pic I ever saw of him when he was still at the breeder. He is the one on the right. Notice that his tongue is always sticking out a tiny bit in his puppy pics. Also check out those paws. He grew into them, that’s for sure.

This is the first pic I took with Bear when I first brought him home.

He likes to lay like a frog – from day one when I got him and even now.

The face that never gets in trouble. He’s just too cute.

Bear trying to look serious for our christmas pic.

And more recently – he found a stuffed lamb in the house and he wanted to keep it and play with it so he carried it around with him and looked at me like he knew he shouldn’t have it but he just loved it so much.

And one last picture of him laying on the love seat. He literally takes up the entire love seat.

So he’s huge and hairy and friends with everyone ever. All the kids in the neighborhood come running to see him if they are out playing while he is on a walk. People often stop to tell me “that dog looks like a teddy bear” and that he “doesn’t look real.” I can assure you, he is 100 pounds of real, ridiculous and cute and makes me laugh all the time. Yup. I am obsessed.