When all else fails, organize!

As always, when everything is feeling a little chaotic, I find something to organize. I am FINALLY done sorting through every box in my storage unit. Everything has been relabeled and reorganized and I feel so. Much. Better. I moved a three piece sectional by myself (lifted, stacked it and all that) and that sucker is huge and heavy. However, made me feel pretty good looking around and seeing the progress and feeling like I’ve done it all on my own. May sound silly but in the midst of all that is weighing on me that feeling of triumph that I have done it all by myself really made me feel empowered. It also reminded me that I needed to have a good glass of wine. Doing that now.

However, now I need some new projects to focus on!

I have some tutorials coming soon for a cork board I made and some picture frames. I’m also working on getting my shopping page up and going to keep watching for that. Lots of changes around here and I am pumped for all of them. I will leave you with a picture of my now beautiful and organized storage.

Hope you are having a fab week!




WDITOT Wednesday: Beauty and Function CAN co-exist

Hey ya’ll – sorry that this is almost a “why didn’t I think of that” THURSDAY post! Geesh! It has been a busy day.  This is a little of what my brain has been perusing over this evening –

and I had to put everything away so I could have some space to type and of course got distracted by new project ideas and now two hours after I sat down to write – here I am! Remember last week when I started the new Wednesday post about awesome ideas I’ve seen floating around that are totally helpful and they always make me say to myself, “why didn’t I think of that?” I am back with a new idea and I hope this helps you guys out like it did me.

I am sure that you have seen this post floating around Pinterest for a while. I have seen it several times and have thought “what a great idea” many times. It wasn’t until I saw an old over-the-door-shoe-hanger-deal just hanging there with nothing inside that I thought to do this in my bathroom.

I am a total freak, maybe some of you guys are also – but I want my bathroom counter to be pretty and clutter free. Totally not practical, I know, but this idea makes it so much easier. I put one on the inside of each cabinet door and put my most frequently used items in there.

Now all of my items are totally easy to grab and accessible and organized and my bathroom counter still gets to be clean and clutter free. Beauty and function CAN exist happily together!! You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other thanks to the awesome “why didn’t I think of that” ideas out there.

Am I the only crazy person that doesn’t want to see all of my products out on the counter? Surely not!? Do you guys have any other awesome tips for places to “hide” the functional things so everything can still look beautiful?

Happy Wednesday!  I have some awesome new projects to show you guys over the next few days so please keep on reading. I love hearing from you guys!


Why Didn’t I Think Of That Wednesday: Packing & Moving

This week I am starting a new weekly “why didn’t I think of that Wednesday” post. To be known from here forward as WDITOT Wednesday I always see so many ideas that other people have come up with and think to myself, “my gosh, that would make my life so much easier.” I figured, if I’m gonna make my life easier, hopefully these ideas can help you too. So make sure to check back every Wednesday for the new “why didn’t I think of that” tip of the week. On to the good stuff…

So, with all of these life changes I’ve been going through – I may or may not have mentioned before that I have two storage units that I am currently occupying that are 2.5 hours away from where I am currently living. When I moved all of my items into storage, I did so in a very short period of time (3 days to move, pack, store and clean a whole apartment) and I had no idea how long I would need to store the items for. So now, not only do I need to have my storage units moved up to where I am living, I need to consolidate them so I am only paying rent for one unit a month. Long story on why I have two I will spare you the details. Since things were moved so quickly and not prepared for a “long term” storage visit, I need to re-organize, re-pack and declutter all of the stuff that is crammed in there before it gets back on a moving truck.

To be completely honest, I have been totally dreading and somewhat avoiding this process. As I mentioned before, I recently went through a break up after 3ish years in a great relationship. We are still great friends and there is nothing more to say than the timing just wasn’t right for so many reasons. However, I am really not at all looking forward to this since I know there will be the inevitable separation of items in storage and all of that. Luckily, the hard part for me is just sorting through. I am really glad that this was a “peaceful” situation so I’m not like “should I trash it?” or “should I return it?” I’m not the “throw all his crap on the lawn” kinda girl but you know, it still really pulls at your heart sorting through it all.

On to the WDITOT tips for the week to make your next packing and moving adventure awesome!

I am most worried about my breakable items including dishes that I have collected over the last few that I really like. I have never felt like the paper really offers much cushioning from them possibly clanking together and causing the dish to chip. Then I came across this genius idea from The Frugal Girls of using those styrofoam paper plates in between each of the dishes as you pack.

My first “why didn’t I think of that” moment while planning items I am going to need for reorganizing and the move. Some folks also left some awesome comments on their post including using socks on delicate glassware. Definitely check them out, I did a little poking around and absolutely love the ideas these ladies have. WDITOT!

I also came across a great list from Sherbert Blossom one of my favorite ideas on the list is to tape a certain color of paper on the box for each room and then write the contents on that paper. That way you can easily identify which room it goes into and then you can see all of the contents listed on the box. Duh! Love it!

Hope these tips will help you keep your sanity during your next move. I will keep you posted once I finally figure out the moving schedule. Also, I have been on a organizing and tossing rampage as you know and I have some awesome “after” pics of all the work i’ve been doing to share with you here in the next couple of days. Hope you are having a great week!

Giving It All Away – Time to Declutter

So, I haven’t been doing as many projects as I would like to this week, but I would like to show/share a little bit of what I have been up to. First, I am in the process of trying to move a full storage unit to another storage unit and I need to go through it. I am stuck on the logistics and have not gotten very far on that. However, before I do that and move any new things in around here, there is some serious junk in every closet and corner. I really like to have a minimal amount of clutter around. I feel as though I am being invaded by things if there is too much clutter so I have been on a “donate it” rampage. There are some items that clearly just end up in the garbage but I have found some great places around town that can really benefit from some of these items.

First off, I donated some non-perishable food (4 huge boxes) to a Women’s Shelter here in Austin and also got some information on volunteering there. They have different items that they need but I would always recommend checking in with your local shelters to see if you have items that might be put to good use there. Plus if you have some extra time, there are many places like this that can really use some volunteers, so check into it.

Then, I’ve had my prom dresses just hanging there for the last 8 or so years and they were beautiful dresses and I loved wearing them but I realized that even though they are beautiful they take up so much room and I am never going to have an occasion to wear them, so I put them to better use and found a local group that helps young women who cannot afford to buy a prom dress. Here close to me is Keri’s Fairy Godmother Foundation. I know there are other organizations in Austin and all around the country for that matter. Just do a google search and see what is around you. That cleared a great deal of space and I am so glad that someone else can feel amazing at their prom.

I also had a bunch of books to get rid of so I took them over to half price books and I didn’t get much money for them but they do donate the remaining books that they can’t use to various non-profit agencies. They also buy CD’s, movies, games, etc. so see if there is one close to you I have no idea how much you can get for CD’s or any of that jazz but it is always worth a shot before they end up in the Goodwill pile.

And then finally I have made several trips to goodwill to donate various items. My pile for today looks like this:


Yup, a whole lot of stuff. Sheets, towels, etc. that we don’t have a need for anymore but they are still in good shape so hopefully someone else can get good use from it.

Also, I have some old clothes, shoes, purses, etc. that I am going to run by buffalo exchange to see if they can purchase any of the items. Then the remaining items I will donate. It’s a bummer to think of how much money you spend on some of the items you can no longer use so even though donations will get you a bit of a tax break, I do try to see if I can sell any of the items first just to recover a little bit of that.

Always make sure you get receipts too when you donate items so when tax time comes around you can include those donations. It feels so good to slim down all of the stuff around here and I love that the stuff that I can’t use anymore might be of great use to someone else. Of course if it’s crap, throw it away, if it is something in decent condition that you just don’t have use for anymore, look and see if there are places around you that you can donate to.

I will be back in the next couple of days with more projects. Just gotta sort through the mountain of junk in my craft area so I can get back to it. Happy Friday!