Cutest lil’ Baylor Bear EVER

Okay, so she may not really be a Baylor Bear. Most of her family are UT grads or A&M grads but I couldn’t resist making a shirt for one of the sweetest little girls I know.

My ex-boyf and I are on great terms, in fact I am just gonna start referring to him as Mr. S because he is my best friend and ex-boyfriend sounds so “beat his car with a baseball bat” to me. So Mr. S’s cousin, Lori, has a daughter, Berlynn, that I absolutely adore (adore Lori as well). Berlynn is almost 4 and is an old soul trapped in her little body. If only there were room for me to tell you all the great things that she does and says and oh gosh I just LOVE her. Anyway, here a couple weeks ago she sent me a little package with some pictures and a picture she colored for me and a card that she asked her mom to write what she was saying (hilarious, I read it everyday and it cracks me up).

During the three years Mr. S and I dated I got to know his cousin Lori really well (and all of his family for that matter and I so very much love all of them, all of his cousins and aunts and uncles and everyone is seriously amazing in this fam) but back to Lori – love her. She is one of the most genuine people you will ever meet and a truly awesome mom. She is always encouraging and upbeat no matter what. I love it. She leant me a book (that I just reviewed on my previous post, in fact) I needed to send Lori that book back and I’ve been gathering some little things to send to Berlynn since her bday is soon and she also sent me a sweet package of drawings and pictures and cards that made my day just a couple weeks ago.

Since you all know I bleed green and gold and Baylor Football Season is like a religious time of year for me, it should be no surprise that I decided to make her a little Baylor t-shirt using an iron-on kit that you just print from your computer and then iron onto the shirt. I also found her a cute little yellow skirt on sale to complete the whole outfit.

I just used a white t-shirt from Target, iron on kit that I got from Hobby Lobby, made the design I wanted in word, followed the directions to print it out onto the paper and then cut around the areas I wanted separated since there were parts for front and back and then followed the kit instructions to get it all in place. Super easy. About a 45 minute project because you are supposed to wait 30 min for the ink to dry. And here are the pics of the shirt first then the outfit front and back. Can’t wait to see it on her!

Here are the front followed by the back

Then here is the shirt with the skirt I got her so she can run around and do some sic ’em bears when the bears are playing!

I love how it turned out and I hope she will love it when it arrives in her little birthday package soon. One horrible thing about me? Her birthday is not until next month but I am SO excited to send her some stuff that I am sending it like tomorrow. I just can’t even help it! I’m going to be terrible at holding onto presents when I’m a Mom. I just get so excited to see how excited kids get when they get gifts!



Football & Fall – Just Fake It ’til It Makes It

Oh, the beginning of college football season. I LOVE college football. It just makes me so happy to live in Texas. Now of course, I am a HUGE Baylor Bear so while I enjoy watching college football in general, the only team colors you will find me in are gold and green.

Yes, I am from Austin, no, I do not root for UT. Nothing personal, I just didn’t go there and don’t feel any reason to root for them. I am a Baylor Bear through and through. My favorite thing when RGIII won the Heisman last year was a part of his speech where he said, “We are Baylor. Baylor we are. And Baylor we will always be.” I totally agree with that. I mean maybe it sounds like total cheese but being a Bear to me is just part of me, like being a Republican or a clean freak.

I’m sure you think I’m totally nut-so now but that’s okay, I’m ready to reveal an awesome project I finished up in time to watch Baylor play SMU tonight. I’ve seen the burlap door hangers floating around and I made a Baylor wreath last year so I opted for something a bit different.

The only thing that I wish I could add is fall weather. Fall and Football are a great couple and I wish we could experience more ‘FALL’ football here in Texas. Until the temperatures crank down a bit, i’m just gonna pretend and fake it ’til fall makes it here. That’s always the best plan, right?

You might have seen this sneak peek on facebook last night:

I stayed up waaaay too late after drinks with some friends to finish this (apparently I can still paint straight after margaritas, go, me!!) So that was the front side. Today I attached the back and finished this baby up. I am TOTALLY pumped to get this out on the front door. Sic ’em Bears! I will leave you with some pictures so I can get back to watching my Bears win! Hope you are having a great long weekend!