WDITOT Wednesday: Avoiding a Suitcase Travel Explosion

Yup, two days in a row! I promise, I’m back on my blogging roll and won’t leave you hanging in between. Don’t forget to follow my blog and leave some comments – I LOVE comments, questions, random posts, etc.

On to Why Didn’t I think of that Wednesday (WDITOT Wednesday as we fondly call it around here).

I find that after several bad experiences with hair conditioner/body lotion/shaving cream etc. exploding in my suitcase, I am SUPER paranoid and like bag all of my toiletries when I am traveling now. This tip from a study abroad website is GENIUS! Place plastic wrap over the top of your bottle caps and then screw the lid shut. DUH!

They also have several other great packing tips on the website. Check it out. Now… I just need to plan a trip so I can use this awesome idea.

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Happy Hump Day! XOXO


WDITOT Wednesday: Beauty and Function CAN co-exist

Hey ya’ll – sorry that this is almost a “why didn’t I think of that” THURSDAY post! Geesh! It has been a busy day.  This is a little of what my brain has been perusing over this evening –

and I had to put everything away so I could have some space to type and of course got distracted by new project ideas and now two hours after I sat down to write – here I am! Remember last week when I started the new Wednesday post about awesome ideas I’ve seen floating around that are totally helpful and they always make me say to myself, “why didn’t I think of that?” I am back with a new idea and I hope this helps you guys out like it did me.

I am sure that you have seen this post floating around Pinterest for a while. I have seen it several times and have thought “what a great idea” many times. It wasn’t until I saw an old over-the-door-shoe-hanger-deal just hanging there with nothing inside that I thought to do this in my bathroom.

I am a total freak, maybe some of you guys are also – but I want my bathroom counter to be pretty and clutter free. Totally not practical, I know, but this idea makes it so much easier. I put one on the inside of each cabinet door and put my most frequently used items in there.

Now all of my items are totally easy to grab and accessible and organized and my bathroom counter still gets to be clean and clutter free. Beauty and function CAN exist happily together!! You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other thanks to the awesome “why didn’t I think of that” ideas out there.

Am I the only crazy person that doesn’t want to see all of my products out on the counter? Surely not!? Do you guys have any other awesome tips for places to “hide” the functional things so everything can still look beautiful?

Happy Wednesday!  I have some awesome new projects to show you guys over the next few days so please keep on reading. I love hearing from you guys!