Loved a lot about the 90’s – the tired standard bathroom lighting is definitely not one of those things.

My parents moved into this house when I was in the 5th grade – I’m now in my mid-twenties. So there are a few things around the house that have been gradually updated in recent years but as with any house, it is always a work in progress. So in the bathroom, the walls have been painted and the cabinets have been painted which definitely updated the place but there are some other simple fixes that will make it look a whole lot better.

First – the lighting. If you remember these little beauties  in all of my “before” pics:

So I did a little pre-shopping online and went to Lowe’s set on these awesome oil-rubbed bronze lights – the picture totally doesn’t do it justice but you can get the gist of what I am after:

These are $59 each and there is a lighting fixture over each sink so for two total it’s $120 then since my parents are retired military, they were able to get these at a 10% discount so after tax it was $114.78 for both of these. So I get home, totally pumped to start the transformation. I take down the first old lighting fixture and discover the large bracket used underneath with HUGE anchor holes, etc. So after some serious frowning, I decided rather than having to patch and paint and on and on, it would be better to find lighting that had a backing piece extending across the entire fixture rather than having it just at the center. So while I loved those beauties, I love the idea of simple updates more. So back to Lowe’s I went where I settled on a “mix & match lighting” set.

The fixtures were $29 each and the glass bells were $8.98 a piece. They look a little more of an ivory color in the picture but they are actually a frosted white linen finish. They are a little bit heavy though so I am glad that I am using the larger bracket.

So for these two fixtures and bells (after the 10% discount) it was a total of $100.80 – I could have gone with a cheaper bell to reduce the overall cost but I just really love the shape of these.

So, up they went. Since we weren’t working on any of the main electrical, we were able to just turn the light switch off to these lights and plug in a lamp in the bathroom (anyone else have a bathroom with no windows? what a pain!) rather than having to flip the circuit to off.

Pretty simple to put these up, just had to re-attach the wires and put the main piece on our existing bracket. No more 80’s dressing room lights – just a simple light change made a HUGE difference:

I love the new lighting. Next thing I will be tackling is the large contractor mirror seen above. So far my mini bathroom reno has cost a total of $100.80.

– BellaMandarin